The HSC focuses on recruiting consortium members, promoting consortium core techniques, and helping other industries work together with the medical industry. It would enhance techniques, innovation and service quality. It also offers platforms (including optoelectronics, medical equipment, hosiery, horticulture, education, and the product design industries) to the medical field. Moreover, local governments would be invited to discuss their future medical-related policies through this public platform in order to reduce communication barriers. With government decrees, matching hospitals and manufacturers to develop in line with the needs of medical products or services. Government plays a role in disseminating information about future medical policy and rules. Based on different patient needs, a hospital offers differentiated services. Medical equipment firms would develop more suitable products. Different industries can work together, such as medical products or (i.e. medical socks, shadowless surgical lights, automatic thermometers, etc.) or government long-term care services. Hospitals and government can work together with industry. This consortium would offer a platform to facilitate hosting conferences and workshops, to foster cooperation between industry and academia, and to encourage the medical industry to take advantage of other business opportunities.